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We get asked similar questions to these every day at our booking office in Paihia, so to help you get the most out of your stay in the Bay of Islands, come rain or shine we thought we should write some of the suggestions down so that you can be prepared.

Hopefully we've thought of everything, but if you think there are things missing, just email us and we'll add your ideas or create a new itinerary! So far we've put together some ideas for what to do if you're a family or if you're on a budget or if you have come to the Bay of Islands brimful of a sense of adventure! We've suggested some good driving routes, where to go if you're in to nature and wildlife and given you some suggestions for how to make sure your romantic getaway is a success. If you're on a cruise ship and you're visiting the Bay for just one day, then we've got that covered too. In the event of not-so sunny weather there is still plenty to keep you entertained, so have a look at our rainy day list of ideas.